Kamyar Amini - 4 Pre Construction Deals under contract in 60 Days Organically

Before working with us:
Cold calling leads from agent locator to only get blown off and wasting his time, money, and effort, hoping for a lead to close.

Biggest Obstacle: It was very difficult for him to find a company that could actually deliver results and a positive ROI. Kamyar was skeptical at first, he made the decision to work with us and he's very happy.

After working with us: 4 pre-construction deals under contract in 60 days. He's on track to hit multiple 6 figures this year.

Quote: “ I was pretty surprised that how quick it was to get my first appointment with this system. I used to work with agentlocator and we had to hunt down the leads, and they usually never picked up anyways. With this system, it’s more straight to the point, when you speak with the prospects, they expect your call and actually want to have a conversation with you. Overall it’s the best system I have used so far, I recommend them to any agent that wants to grow their business” -Kamyar Amini

Transformation: 4 Pre Construction Deals in 60 Days.
Kamyar A., Coldwell Banker

Rouzy Najafi - 5 Closed Transactions Within 90 Days

Before working with us:
Paying thousands monthly to Boldleads and Zillow while being locked into a 12 month-long contract.

Biggest Obstacle: Rouzy and his team came to us in a highly competitive market after using many lead generation companies which never worked for him. He was tired of working and paying thousands of dollars to lead generation companies which made big promises but sadly never could deliver.

After working with us: 66 leads in 30 days. 18 appointments scheduled. 2 listing & buyer under contract in 30 days. 3 additional transactions in the next 90 days.

Quote: “ I have been in the industry for a while now and I used to use other companies where I was paying a heck of a lot but all the people that I spoke to would just end up ghosting me. What I really like about their system is that the leads are qualified and they are reaching out to you rather than you going after them. This system truly makes it so I don't have to cold call leads anymore and it really helps with my day to day operations and having a system that's actually works 24/7 around the clock.” -Rouz Najafi

Transformation: Closed 5 transations in 90 Days.
Rouzy Najafi., Stonehaus Realty

Arman A. - 2 Transactions Closed & Lead Under Contract in 60 Days

Before working with us:
Operating in a saturated market. Purchased online leads in the past with several companies which never produced a positive ROI.

Biggest Obstacle: Had a hard time finding a cost-efficient way to generate & convert leads and close new business. At a relatively low Revenue mark (just barely hitting 6-figures), he didn’t want to spend thousands monthly on ads in hopes to make a return on his investment.

After working with us: 3 Buyer Clients & Listing Appointment through our organic methods.

Transformation: 2 closed transactions in 60 days.
Arman A., YVR International Realty

Sam Wong - 2 Leads Under Contract + multiple listing appointments in 30 days.

Before working with us:
Relying on referrals and door knocking to close new business

Biggest Obstacle: Realized he had created a decent paying "job", but it was taking huge toll on his family time and relationships. Sam realized thats if he takes any time off or leaves for a few weeks, that his business would not produce any income.

After working with us: 98 leads, 13 appointments, 2  Leads Under Contract In 30 Days.

2 Leads Under Contract
in 30 Days

Sam Wong., Remax.

Manjot Kainth - 2 Buyer Transactions Closed in 30 days.

Before working with us:
Skeptical after being burned by multiple lead generation companies and being stuck in a 6-month long contract.

Biggest Obstacle: Used to solely rely on referrals, cold-calling and door knocking to grow his business. He was paying thousands of dollars every single month to lead generation companies with little to no ROI on his investment. Prior to working with us, he was working with AgentLocator and he was not fond of their process and quality of leads.

After working with us: 165 leads, 22 appointments, 2 Buyer Transactions closed In 30 Days. 
Transformation: 2 Buyer Transactions Closed in 30 Days
Manjot Kainth,
Sutton Group.
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