+ Do you provide me with a new CRM? I’m already comfortable using my current CRM and don’t want to learn a new one.

We only provide our CRM so our coaches and team can log in and analyze your conversations and make tweaks where needed. We don’t provide ourselves as a lead generation company but rather as a transformation boutique. We ensure each and every aspect of your lead generation is perfected.

+ Is there any other additional cost to use the program?

Other than the ad spend which goes to Facebook, there is no other additional cost to use the program. There is a very minimal cost of $35/month for the CRM after the initial 3 months as that is for Twillio text message fees.

+ Can you integrate your system with my CRM? There is no way I’m changing my current CRM.

Yes we understand that for many agents, there CRM is precious.

It is for us too at our company.

Hence, we have helped many agents transfer their leads into their own CRM’s as long as their CRM’s are adequate to provide follow ups.

+ Can a lead be sent to your CRM and mine at the same time?

Yes, every lead can be sent to your CRM and our CRM at the same time.

+ How do we assure the quality of the leads themselves beyond the text messages from the CRM?

We cannot go in and close deals for you. Our system weeds out the tire kickers and leads that are just looking. Once the CRM sparks a conversation, you will qualify the lead and book him/her into an appointment. It’s all a numbers game and our system is going to give you a lot of conversations. You cannot expect every online lead to be a quality lead. This is the cost of using online lead generation. With online lead gen, we’re trying to pick and work the quality leads that are looking to buy or sell within 3 months.

+ Does your CRM have an app?

Yes our CRM does have an app. You have the ability to email, text, call and leave voicemails through our CRM.
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