+ On what platforms do you run ads for me?

We run ads on Facebook and instagram for paid advertising.

+ I have used Facebook ads in the past. They didn’t work for me. Why will they work this time around?

Many agents believe its the ads that are the reason they can’t close. After working with 300+ agents, we know that the ad has little to do with the results.

It is unlikely you will get deals coming in because these people don’t know you yet, they don’t like you enough or even trust you to transact with you. What makes you think they will work with you after clicking on your ad?

After all, there’s likely thousands of agents in your area?

This is the most important aspect. The sales process.

We’ve refined agents' sales processes so they can convert more deals predictably.
Our dedicated success managers and coaches work with you around the clock, analyze your conversations weekly and monitor ads daily to ensure you achieve success.

+ Do you generate both buyer and seller leads?

Yes we generate both buyers and sellers.

+ Do we need to spend money on paid advertising to generate leads?

Yes you will need to. Growing your business will require money.

+ How are you generating leads for free? I noticed some agents doing really well with $0 spent on advertising.

We have tested many organic techniques that have worked for many agents across North America. These include facebook marketplace, youtube channels, pinterest and more.

+ How many organic free leads can i expect to get every month?

We see on average 20-30 leads per month. This also varies market to market.

+ What is the average amount of leads you bring in every month? How much will it cost me?

We see on average 75-150 leads from paid and organic leads per month for the agents that work with us. The average advertising budget for the agents inside our program is around 350 dollars per month.

+ How do you qualify the leads?

Our system weeds out the tire kickers such as leads that don’t pick up the phone, respond to text messages or emails.

Therefore, you will only deal with leads that want to speak with you and our system will start the conversations for you. This is where you come in and implement your expertise to qualify the leads that value your time.

We have done the math with over 300+ clients and found out that the conversion rate is much higher when the agent qualifies themselves as the relationship is much stronger.

+ Are my leads being shared with other agents?

No. All leads are exclusive to you.

+ What happens step by step when a lead comes in?

Once a lead is generated, it goes straight to our CRM. The CRM then triggers an automated follow up system until a lead responds. Once a lead responds, the automations stop and the agent takes over the conversation. The agent then goes on to qualify the lead and book it into an in person appointment. We take care of this in the backend. Your job consists of qualifying and booking leads into appointments.

+ Are our leads by city or Zip code?

Our leads are generated by city and Zip codes. This is discussed on the onboarding call and we use the one that has shown us success with previous agents in your area.
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