+ What platforms do you use to advertise?

We run ads on Facebook and instagram for paid advertising.

+ I’ve tried Facebook ads, and haven’t seen much success. What’s going to be different?

Most agents think that the ad is the reason why they don't close deals. Contrary to popular belief, the main reason as to why they're not closing deals, usually comes down to a flawed sales process. Most agents are good at closing referrals or their sphere. Majority of agents lack the proper sales process when it comes to online leads. We’ve optimized the sales process so agents can convert deals predictably.

Our dedicated success managers hold your hand throughout the whole process, analyze your opportunities and monitor ads daily to ensure you achieve success.

+ Do you provide both buyer and seller leads?

We generate both buyers and sellers.

+ How are you generating leads for free? I noticed some agents doing really well with $0 spent on advertising.

We have many organic techniques that have worked for many agents across United States & Canada. These methods include: facebook marketplace, LinkedIn, reddit, Pinterest and more.

+ How many leads can I expect monthly?

We typically see 80-120 leads from paid and organic leads per month for the agents that work with us.

+ How are the leads qualified?

Through the power of A.I, our system connects you with qualified & engaged leads who are ready to sell or buy. Our system will identify leads that don’t pick up the phone, respond to text messages or emails so you only spend your time with interested leads.

Our system will also identify leads that want to speak with you and it will start the conversations for you. This is where you come in and implement your expertise to qualify the leads that want to work with you.

We have came to the conclusion that the conversion rate is much higher when the agent qualifies themselves as the relationship is much stronger and builds rapport.

+ Are the leads exclusive?

Yes! Your leads are your leads. We run everything from your own facebook and instagram pages. We don't believe in sharing leads.
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