Kamyar A. - 4 Pre Construction Deals under contract in 60 Days Organically

Before working with us: Cold calling leads from agent locator to only get blown off and wasting his time, money, and effort, hoping for a lead to close.

Biggest Obstacle:
It was very difficult for him to find a company that could actually deliver results and a positive ROI. Kamyar was skeptical at first, he made the decision to work with us and he's very happy.

After working with us:
4 pre-construction deals under contract in 60 days. He's on track to hit multiple 6 figures this year.

Quote: “ I was pretty surprised that how quick it was to get my first appointment with this system. I used to work with agentlocator and we had to hunt down the leads, and they usually never picked up anyways. With this system, it’s more straight to the point, when you speak with the prospects, they expect your call and actually want to have a conversation with you. Overall it’s the best system I have used so far, I recommend them to any agent that wants to grow their business” -Kamyar Amini

Transformation: 4 Pre Construction Deals in 60 Days.

Client: Kamyar A., Coldwell Banker
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