Rouzy Najafi - 5 Closed Transactions Within 90 Days

Before working with us:
Paying thousands monthly to Boldleads and Zillow while being in a 12 month-long contract.

Biggest Obstacle:
Rouzy and his team came to us in a highly competitive market after using many lead generation companies which never worked for him. He was paying thousands of dollars to lead generation companies which always made bold promises but never delivered.

After working with us:
66 leads in 30 days. 18 appointments scheduled. 2 listing & buyer under contract in 30 days. 3 additional transactions in the next 90 days.

Quote: “ I have been in the industry for a while now and I used to use other companies where I was paying a heck of a lot but all the people that I spoke to would just end up ghosting me. What I really like about their system is that the leads are qualified and they are reaching out to you rather than you going after them. This system truly makes it so I don't have to cold call leads anymore and it really helps with my day to day operations and having a system that's actually works 24/7 around the clock.” -Rouz Najafi
Transformation: 5 Closed Transactions 
Within 90 Days

Client: Rouzy Najafi, Stonhaus Realty
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